Apple iOS 14 Features– A Look at All The New Features 

Apple iOS 14 Features – Every year brings a new software update by Apple for its mobile devices covering the iPhones and iPod Touch. For 2020, the new update being launched is called iOS 14 (no surprises there!). As expected, the new iOS update is equipped with a bunch of new features we’re all excited about. So, let’s have a look at the latest iOS 14 features that we should watch out for.

What are the Supported Models for iOS 14?

  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone 11 Pro 
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

apple ios 14 features

New Features on iOS 14 That Totally Rock!

  • A Brand-New Home Screen with Re-designed App Library

Apple has finally decided to change its home screen (we say it’s about time). With the new iOS 14, you can remove applications directly from your home screens. In addition, you can also remove entire screens. Your applications will be present in the App Library. The App Library is just one swipe beyond the new home screen. 

The App Library will automatically group all of your applications into a single folder.  The most recently used applications are shown within the folder. A search box is situated at the top through which you can search for your application. You will also come across automated suggestions appearing in the upper-left box, while the upper right box will show the most recently used applications.

In addition, all the folders will also be organized automatically into categories such as Health & Fitness, Places, Social and so on. 

  • New Widgets make an Entry

With the new iOS 14, widgets will offer timely information at just a single glance. These widgets can even be pinned on the Home Screen page in various sizes.

iOS 14 will also offer something called as “Smart Stack”. This feature allows the user to create stacks of widgets while utilizing on-device intelligence. This in turn, will allow you to see the correct widget based on activity, time and location. Various useful widgets can be accessed through the Smart Stack. 

  • New Siri interface to Greet You

In the brand-new iOS 14, whenever you trigger Siri, you will come across a “blob” popping up on the display right at the bottom. All the results will appear as notifications at the top of your home screen. 

  • App Clips to make Things Easier

The App Clip is a small app and is associated with a given business or product. It is designed such that it can be discovered as soon as it is required. The app is capable of loading within seconds for completing a given task such as buying a cup of coffee or paying your parking ticket

The App Clips can be accessed through QR codes, NFC tags as well as through App Clip code designed by Apple. It can also be accessed when shared in Safari as well as Messages.

  • New Improvements in Messages

The most important application on any iPhone is the Messages app. With the new iOS 14, Apple is adding a few big features to its Messages app across iOS, MacOS as well as iPadOS.

With the new iOS update, users can pin up to 9 conversations. The user can also keep the pinned conversations at the top of their Messages stack. This becomes quite handy when the user has a good number of different conversations going on.

The new update will also improve Group conversations. You will be able to see the images of everyone present in the group. You will also be able to reply to messages in-line. 

  • Navigate Better with Enhanced Maps

In the new iOS 14, the Maps app will feature cycling directions. In addition, the application will also feature curated guides as well as electric vehicle routing. The cycling directions will also consider elevation, the busyness of the street, and if there are any stairs present on the route.

The electric vehicle routing will include charging stops on a route based on the charger type as well as on the current vehicle charger. Guides will offer a list of interesting places to visit in a given city such as a famous restaurant or popular tourist attractions.

  • Memoji Updates to be More Fun

With the new iOS 14, Apple is adding a good number of options so that you can express yourself much better. 7 new hairstyles, face coverings, 16 new headwear pieces, and 3 new memoji stickers have been added. 

Memoji have also been refined with a new muscle and facial structure in order to make them even more expressive.

  • New Translate App

The new iOS 14 will come with a newer refined Translate app. The application will offer translation of text and voice in 11 different languages

The application will also work offline in case of private voice and text translation and will utilise the Neural Engine of Apple for results. Conversation mode will be initiated if you turn your iPhone into landscape mode. The app will also automatically detect the languages which are being spoken.

  • Default Email and Browser Apps

With the new iOS 14, users can designate third-party apps as their default email or browser. As of today, you can run different browsers as well as email apps on the iPhone. However, when you click on a link, it will open in Safari or Mail by default.

With iOS 14, whenever you click on a link, it will open the application of your choice.

  • Enhanced Privacy 

With the new iOS 14, all the applications will be required to gain permission of the user before tracking. The product page of the App Store will also show summaries of self-reported privacy practices of developers.

Users can also upgrade their existing accounts to Sign in with Apple with the new iOS 14. Users can also prefer to share their approximate location instead of precise location while granting access of app location.

  • Digital Car Keys

The new iOS 14 update will come with digital car keys. This will allow users to use their Apple Watch Series 5 or their iPhone to unlock as well as start their cars. The user can also share digital car keys using Messages. 

  • Rebuffed Camera App

The much-loved camera app is surely going to be a lot more loved come iOS 14. A major change is that now users would be able to change frame rate and video resolution right on the Camera app without going into Settings.

Along with the single-shot exposure lock, you can find a slider for exposure compensation that works throughout when shooting videos or photos. One thing we’re truly excited is the much-improved shot-to-shot performance of the Camera app in iOS 14. It is touted to be 90% faster on an iPhone 11.


That’s not all. The Apple WWDC 2020 covered a whole lot of other iOS 14 features as well that included improvements to Safari browser, CarPlay, Apple Arcade, Keyboard, FaceTime, Picture-in-picture, Music, Weather. Like all of you, we can’t wait to get our hands on the new iOS 14 to try out the features ourselves.

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